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Back at my 2nd sanctuary, the Internet cafe ^_^, I have uploaded a few pictures onto my Facebook account, here is the direct link to the pictures so far:


(hold down the Shift key whilst clicking the link to open it in a new window)

(By the way, you don’t need a facebook acct to view the above link)

I just bought a new camera today — a new Canon one; will test it out in the coming weeks.

Day 2 of teacher training is in the books and I am burnt out, but steadily learning. There is a lot to take in; plenty of formalities to go over, what to do and what can’t you do, etc. Practicums start at the end of the week. Oh boy, getting nervous!! I’ve met some nice friends who are in the same training group but unfortunately once training ends, we’ll all go to our designated locations of teaching. Good thing for Facebook, eh? More to come in a few days. bye for now.


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From what I gather, I’m stationed in Nagoya for only a few weeks while training starts. I’m still getting re-accustomed to Japanese living, the futons, new subway lines, etc. I will begin to post pics in due time. bye now.

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This is a live entry of anything of occurrence happening aboard my trip from YVR (Vancouver Int’l) to NRT (Tokyo-Narita). So this is merely a collective of postings by the hour (or any time given) so be prepared for some fragments in-between.
So far, about a half hour elapsed… (this is all in Pacific time)
14.30PST: Iron Man is playing throughout the plane and it so happens it’s on my iPod touch, almost synched up. Now although there is some perks to a window seat, unfortunately I can’t utilize both armrests. The person next to me who is being quite a jerk about it has claimed the middle rest. Just as my left elbow is on the armrest, he goes and says (Paraphrased), “Please don’t touch my elbow.” Touchy, and prissy to boot; but whatevs, I didn’t want this minor inconvenience damper what could be a magical trip.
15.30: 1st meal arrives – Chicken with wild rice. 2 beers later and still enjoying Iron Man; but all that beer, water, and oh did I mention a Grande Soy-Caffe Latte is building and I need to get to the washroom – fast.
16.40: Iron Man finally finished and just in time; I made a b-line to the nearest bathroom. Problem was that is was at the far back of the plane as the 2 in the middle (which was step away from my seat) were not in service. A queue of about 5 begin to form as I patiently yet painfully wait for my turn. Minutes later I’m back to my seat nice and refreshed (thank God I got that outta my system).
17.00: A medical emergency has arose a few rows in front of me. Will check back in a half-hour. Which reminds me, gotta take my jet-lag pills!
17.20: All seems to be well; appears to be nothing too serious. Moving on.
18.10: Just woke up from a quick nap. Window shutters are all closed while another movie starring what looks to be John Cusack is airing on the plane. Looks to be the halfway point of this flight.
18.35: I’m watching Anchorman right now on my iPod, getting ready for some serious laughter. Mustn’t disturb myself from it.
20.15: Anchorman just finished and oh my it was well worth it. Maybe Talladega Nights is next on the list. 3/4ths through. I wish I knew the current location; the JAL 747 plane had headrest monitors on all the seats; it’s too bad this Air Canada Airbus doesn’t have them.
21.30: Ok, after playing though all my games on my iPod, I am now watching series 4, episode 13 of the Sci-Fi show Doctor Who; probably my 6th time watching this particular episode. It’s just amazing. Probably, after this episode is finished, one more meal will be served followed by the eventual landing. So I will leave it at that. Tokyo-Narita is approaching. See ya.

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Still @ YVR, and yes still with free wi-fi (or as my dad says, “wee-fee”^_^). got through security check without any problems (but a little rusty on the procedures, apparently all bags are supposed to be on the conveyor belt). and yes, Eric my water bottle went through (I forgot to remove it from the bag — meh). I filled it w/ water from Starbucks (plus my soy-caffe latte). well, just a few minutes before actual boarding. Goodbye Vancouver — we shall meet again. Cheers!


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the waiting is the hardest part

2.5 hrs away from flight as I wait to be checked in. Chillin’ with the family as I wait to board. I still can’t believe there’s free wi-fi at the airport. Pending any outcome, I may be without internet for some time. Bye for now. さようなら!!!

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New beginnings.

Welcome to YGC. This blog is to document my indefinite living in Japan. I will try to keep this updated and 100% fresh as humanly possible. For those who don’t know any of my reasoning to embark on this journey, I am going to be teaching English. First stop is Nagoya and we’ll go from there.

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