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In the midst of actually settling in and finding my way around my area that is Kanazawa; I forgot to upload some crucial stuff (partly due in account of no home internet) so my weekend officially starts and I’ve uploaded a detailed pictoral of my new keitai — the W62S by Sony Ericsson. and the first question you’ll probably ask is: “Why pink?” Well, in my hunt of a new mobile, I wanted a nice purple-coloured keitai, but on the cusp of picking one, the one I liked turned out didn’t have an english menu. Disappointed, I went with my second choice from KDDI, the aforementioned W62S and although the W62S had a white model, I had already owned a white-coloured mobile (920SC), so pink was a nice colour on this particular phone. And trust me, I’m not the only guy sporting a pink keitai. I’m proud to own this phone! anyway, here is the set:


till next time. g’day.


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just a little update for you. the short list: new/old bike, new bank account, new schools — still no internet. I’m fortunate that there is a hotspot in the school i’m teaching this week. so a little sanity for me. still contemplating a tokyo weekend in november — provided i’ll still have money. bye for now.

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wi-fi hunting in Kanazawa.

Ok I’ll keep this short, still sans internet and I’m posting this from a street corner. normal week schedule starts next monday. bye for now.

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Onwards, Upwards to Kanazawa!

I probably won’t be sleeping much. Fridge is cleaned out, apartment is relatively clean, luggages are packed and I’m ready to head north. And if inquring minds want to know, I couldn’t make it to SKE48s concert at Sunshine Sakae today on account on: 1- it’s sold out! 2- It’s by reservation only, by which I mean going on their Official Site and from the looks of things, register your name and claim it at the door. Oh well. there’s always an AKB48 concert come Christmas time!

Just extending my wishes out to my entire family who are having Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday; It’s been a long time coming that I’ll miss the tradition of Thanksgiving weekend, as well as some good home cookin’

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all practicums are finished, just one more hurdle — TEST! Moving day on Monday; maybe if I have time I’ll catch SKE48’s concert (http://www.ske48.co.jp/) on Sunday^_^

internet possibly back for me by the end of next week. till then.

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As I mentioned in my last post, I had another practicum lesson today, and overall a far better improvement from my first lesson. There were rough spots but that was to be expected. In all, the kids seemed to pay attention for about 90% of the entire lesson. So brimmed with energy, I wish I taught these kind of classes more. 6 days before moving day. with 3 more practicums remain — 俺は、頑張れます!

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not a great first outing.

The real test began for me on Friday where we started training practicums. needless to say, controlled training lessons are on a perfect case scenario. mine was on the extreme opposite. but I shouldn’t let this discourage me, next one is coming up on tuesday. hope it’ll be better!

oh did I mention? there’s a cold going ’round the training group and it’s not pretty. Must take more vitamin C!

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