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The Joys of Payday

Having down to 2000円 days before payday got a bit scary. I was relieved that the Tuesday finally arrived as I have a bit more that will tide me over until just before Christmas.

I’m not jumping the gun or anything, but i’ve made a makeshift wishlist of future purchases — which include a PS3. I get home Internet next Friday. ’bout time. Ta.


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short but (bitter)sweet

I’ll leave this out for interpretation but 7+ weeks so far living in Japan and all of this; these happenings as it were that occured — is so far summed up in a “long-story short” situation:

“I don’t blame her.”


That’s all. ‘Til next time.

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I’ve drawn out a rough draft of a story if you will of the recent events that’s happened to yours truly in the past few weeks which go far back as up to a year. But for now it’ll remain unposted as, in real-life, it’s unfinished. Yes there will be photos; but over the course of the 3-day weekend, I took only (wait for it) 7 photos! I will upload them in due time.

Now, if you’re familiar with the manga series and/or films of Nana, there is one excerpt said (and translated) from one of the main characters (Nana Komatsu) that I’m feeling right now:

“Love and pain are inseparable. It’s more painful as you drown in it.”

More to come this week.

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I’ll keep it short, A lot has changed since I last posted, but I’ll take everything with cautious optimism. I’ll try not to let my cynicism overcome me. I guess a visit to Rainbow Bridge & Odaiba will have to wait another time. And yes, there will be pictures of this Tokyo weekend. Post back soon. Ta.

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a 3-day weekend is approaching and it’s time to re-visit Tokyo. bus tickets are now booked, and i’ll just have to wait 6 days. Although I am very very tight on my remaining funds before actual pay day coming later this month, I seemed to have just enough to warrant a weekend in Tokyo with maybe about less than $150 (15500円) to spend on top of bare minimum eating (roughly $5 (530円)/day) and commuting to classes. So a winter coat will have to wait. I’ll try to add an update during that weekend. cheers!

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