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112/365 "Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life some rain must fall."

I don’t think I’ve mentioned starting a 365 Project here (well, only a blurb in the about page), but with more than 100 days into it, no better time to let you know.

Since August 1st I’ve been taking at least one photo a day and since August 27th it’s been nothing but self-portraits (some shots in that span are just parts of me, notwithstanding). As I mentioned in my About page, this was to gain a further insight for me as a photographer and what best interests me when it comes to shooting. That’s not to say I would be exclusive to portraiture, but it sorta gives a feel when doing something like, say, fashion or model photography. I hope all this self-portraiture doesn’t come off as narcissistic, because obviously that’s not the intention.

Balancing this with full-time work makes coming up with an idea and shooting it on a daily basis all the more challenging. I know a few of the photos in the 365 collection were throwaways, where I’d put something up than nothing. It very well depends on the day ahead most of the time (as most of my work days begin in the late afternoon). I’ve kept a good balance of this, as I’m content with the rest of the day so long as I have that shot done. Though it does sound half-hearted, this is a good balance that’s worked so far. One thing about that is if that’ll be the case, I should put more time in each shot, because I know there’s certainly room for improvement. So I’ll continue to trudge along and when it’s all said and done come July 31st 2010, I’ll look back at this as a whole and see where I’ve come from the beginning.

You can see my 365 Project in progress here:
365 of Yume Photo

Now, with the acquisition of the 70-200 VR lens, the main focus now is to finally upgrade the body (by which I mean the camera itself). One thing that I made sure when I first obtained the D300 back in January was to not invest in DX glass (for use on 1.5x cropped bodies eg. D90, D300s, D5000 etc.) because I knew I would upgrade to FX (or full-frame) in no time. Fast-forward to today, and the 5 lenses which see equal time are either optimized for film SLRs or pro-grade FX Nikon DSLRs. I’ve juggled the option of the 3 “affordable” FX bodies Nikon currently is selling, the D700, the D3 and the new & refreshed D3S (The D3x is way out my league, price range). The purchase won’t be made until late January anyway, so I’m still weighing all my options. I know patience will easily pay off in the end.


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