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Not even a month has passed since the finale of my 365, and it’s time to take on a new challenge. It’s actually 13 days between day 365 and the beginning of this particular project.

As mentioned in my last post, I did look to inspiration for this latest project (Faceless project). It’ll span the rest of the year (which, as of 13 Aug is 141 days) on only self-portraits; however, I won’t show my face (directly) for any of those shots. Loosely based on Aoyama Yuki’s rather controversial photobook “Schoolgirl complex”, taking only the faceless part of that and putting it as the main theme will prove a bit difficult.

It has to be natural and can’t hide face for the sake of hiding. And at least signs of something good, I’m trying to not take shots behind my ubiquitous seafoam green wall (which may account for nearly half my 365P photos).

Compared to the 365 Project, there is more lenience towards missing one day or two, since it’s an incomplete project to begin with. But much like the 365 Project I want to finish what I started with no gaps in-between.

The Faceless Project so far.

here’s hoping!


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